Our materials & suppliers

1      Padded insole for maximum comfort and matched to the color of your shoe.  

2      Vegetable tanned and pigmented nubuck, to ban all the usual chemical processes.

    Flat, white laces in organic cotton. 

4      Sole thickness 2 cm - 4cm.

    White recyclable EVA outsole, allowing maximum agility and comfort. 

    White exterior leather tanned and pigmented with plants, smooth, white.


The IKO & NOTT are designed in the pretty Porto region within a family manufacture. Equipped with a great know-how transmitted from generation to generation, it seduced us by the common values that we share with her : respect for employees, the working environment, know-how, responsible production, the close link between us.

Based on the observation that sustainable fashion was a major and unavoidable issue of tomorrow, we made the choice of ban chemical and polluting processes usual with our leathers. They all come from Portugal and are derived from vegetable tanning and colored with natural pigments. 



what is the vegetable tanning ? It is a method that stabilizes the fibers of the skin thanks to plant extracts. These natural tannins come from plants, wood, bark, pods, leaves and other natural substances, with us it is rapeseed. This process allows a clean tanning on leather while being as effective as the usual products. Its appearance is textured. And above all, it allows the leather to be recyclable!

* We are constantly looking for new inspiring players who can complement our current suppliers in order to always offer you what seems best to us.